Traveling by Air With Handyman’s Tools

There are many people who need to travel internationally with their “tools of trade.” If you are a handyman or other kind technical person, you may need your tools when traveling to a job. The airlines do not give any exceptions on the carrying of items for business purposes. All the rules apply to all the people! If you need to bring tools along, take a little time to understand the rules so that you can make your business goals in another place. Take the stress out of travel. The airlines need your business.The good news for handyman is that airlines do not specifically prohibit the carrying of a handyman’s tools of trade. Airlines list the types of items that cannot be carried in either carry-on or checked luggage. The rules apply equally to all travellers. Generally, most handyman’s can take their tools in the checked luggage, subject to the size and weight limitations.

When preparing to travel, ask the airline or your travel agent for information about the tools that are allowed to pack in checked bags. There are tight restrictions about carry-on bags, especially tools with sharp points or edges. All saws, saw blades, drills, knives, screwdrivers, pliers and box cutters are specifically banned from all airplane cabins. However, the tools can be packed in the checked bags. Please pack these items carefully in a way that they will not cause any harm to the inspectors when they are doing their job. They will scan your checked bags and many will open your bags for a quick inspection.There is a prohibition on items that can become a deadly weapon like include axes, hatchets, cattle prods, hammers, and crowbars. These items are also caught in the “weight” and “size” rules. As there are weight limits for checked luggage, many of these items will be oversize or overweight. In some airports, these items are handed over at a different counter. Give yourself enough time to get the tools checked in.

The rules for carry-on items have been continually tightened over the last ten years or so. Even though you have no intention to use any of the tools as “dangerous weapons”, governments around the world have set the rules for everyone’s protection. The airlines need more and more people to fly but they need to keep the air safe. Learn the rules for traveling with tools and continue on your business. Have fun when you travel on business.

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