Study in Spain as a Foreigner

Spain has for a long time been considered by worldwide students the ideal place to undertake their courses, specially when it comes to higher education. The country has prestigious schools and universities, and offers numerous courses for worldwide graduation. But in order to start any kind of course, you will need to apply for a student visa in the country, unless you are staying less than 3 months and you are not an EU-citizen.

In case you are from a non-EU country you should apply for a student visa in the event that you wish to focus study in Spain. After you receive a confirmation letter from the required educational institution, you can apply for a visa. That is, without your spot confirmed on the school or university you wish to study in Spain, you cannot complete your application. 

What are the types of Spain Student Visas?

The visa you should apply for will be founded on the span of your course. The subtleties are as clarified beneath: 

Short term student visa (180-days) – if length obviously is somewhere in the range of three and a half year. 

Long term student visa (over 6 months) – if length obviously is over a half year 

Obtaining a long-term student visa means that you will be granted a residency card, which is called TIE. This is a temporary grant which permits you to remain in the country for the whole duration of your course.

It can be renewed as long as your studies continue in the country.

After you show up in Spain on an understudy visa, you can’t change the sort of visa. The visa is legitimate just on the off chance that you have acquired it from a Spanish international safe haven or department.

Who can apply for a student visa?

There are no limits on countries or ages to apply for a Spanish Student Visa. The Spain Student Visa covers an assortment of educational programs. You are required to be accepted into one of these education or training programs.

  • Study with recognized Spanish Universities. The course should prompt a capability, recognition, or declaration of study. Qualified courses incorporate Spanish language courses. 
  • Examination with approved centers. These incorporate Universities, public and private exploration establishments, or Spanish Council for Scientific Research habitats.
  • Graduate exchange programs. 
  • Unpaid and, in restricted cases, paid temporary jobs. 
  • Unpaid social service programs
  • Language and culture partners program. This program offers paid work to residents of chosen nations. The plan gives educators instructors help with the study hall with English language guidance.


Documents required for application:

    • Duly filled visa application form
    • Passport which is valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel.
    • Passport size photos
    • Certificate of acceptance from the Spanish university or any university in Spain
    • Study program/course details and information such as – Name of the program and its schedule. 
    • Health insurance valid for your entire duration of course.
    • Proof of all required financial resources to cover the stay expenses. 
    • Medical certificate
    • A certificate to proof that you have no criminal cases


For more information, like how to move to a work permit after finishing your studies or where exactly you should submit your documents, you can access all the requirements about the visa for studies here.

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