A guide for a travel visa to Egypt

Travel to Egypt with your family or friends is very easy. However, once you are requesting a visa, you should comply with the rules. Egypt has been a tourist spot for more than two centuries when people discovered the colossal pyramids.

Whenever we talk about traveling to Egypt, the first thing that would come to our minds is the mummies and the deserts. Undoubtedly, Egypt has earned a lot through tourism, and the Egyptian Visa authorities are working hard to keep up with the pace of modernization.

You can get several types of Visas for traveling to Egypt. Officially the Egyptian government issues the following visas.

  • Tourist visa

The tourist visa is the most requested Visa for Egypt. Now, the Egyptian government has introduced the online facility for requesting this standard Visa. The applicants need to fill the forms and mention the reason for traveling to Egypt.

  • Visa on Arrival

It is for those who are in a hurry, and travel to Egypt was a quick decision. You need to check a few things before flying, and on reaching the Egyptian airports, you can get an approved visa.


How to apply for a travel Visa to Egypt?

These are a few things that each traveler needs to check. If you are traveling to Egypt with your family, you should make sure that each family member is eligible for the Visa.

Your passport

In every country, once you cross the teenage, you will be eligible for a passport. However, if you are traveling with your kids, who have not got any national identity card, you should contact the passport providing authorities of your country. They will issue an alternative document for them.


Here are a few things that need to be checked in your passport.

  • Your passport should not expire in the next six months. If so, then apply for a new passport, and wait until you get the new one.
  • Secondly, there should be some un-stamped papers on your passport.

The pictures

Your pictures need to be new, and they should not be larger than the passport sized photos. The background in each image should be either white or blue, so the applicant’s face must be clear. Lastly, the applicants should not be wearing any accessories such as glasses or hats in those pictures.

The documents

If you are traveling on purpose, then you need to write a separate letter. If, for say, you are a student who wants to explore the world and research. You can get an approval letter from your supervisors. Moreover, you also need a bank statement claiming that you can afford your expenses.

The visa application

Once you are sure that you have all these documents, you can apply it for the Visa. You can either fill that form online o ask for a hard copy from the Egyptian embassy. Make sure that every column and blank is filled; if you feel confused, ask some travel agents to help you in this regard.

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