Why You Should Visit Blue Cave in Croatia

It is not possible if you are living in Croatia or having vacations here and you don’t about Blue Cave. In case you are hearing about that place for the first, you definitely have been missing one of the greatest tourist sites in Croatia. But you won’t miss it any further, because we are going to tell you why you must pay a visit to Blue Cave and how will you get it done. But first of all, you just need to know what this magical place is.

The blue cave as it appears from its name is a cave, but don’t be fooled by the word cave, it’s not an ordinary cave. There’s something you definitely didn’t see in your entire life. The cave is full of some magical energy – just joking – not real magic, but an art of natural illustration. The reason why it is called a blue cave is its aquatic appearance. The limestones underwater in the cave are reflected by the sunlight that passes through the hole on the top of the cave. Consequently, the cave glows in the color blue, moreover, it shades blue so that everything inside the cave turns their colors into the blue. Even your skin would change the color when you are inside.

Now you know what the blue cave is, it’s time to know how to get there. The blue cave is situated in the southeast part of Bisevo Island, which is located southwest of Split Croatia. There are several ways to get there though, but you don’t need to worry about going how to get there on your own. If you are staying in Split, then you are lucky, you can find some finest blue cave tours from Split. Actually, Split is the ideal place to start your journey to discover these essences of nature.

Once you book your blue cave tour from Split, you will be boarded on a speedboat that will take you directly to Bisevo Island in about 1:30 hours. That’s really a lot of time in the Sea, so must not forget your personal safety stuff like skincare lotions, goggles, a swimming suit, or a beach suit. Further, you will have a chance to admire the majestic beauty of the Adriatic Sea and plenty of time to discover its hidden spots.

When you reach Bisevo Island, you will see a crowd entering the cave, so you will have to wait a bit until it’s your turn. Note that as well that you will have to switch boats because the entrance is too narrow that the speedboat can’t enter it. Inevitably, you will have to board on the smaller ship. While you are waiting outside, you can still have a fun time, after all, you are on the island, in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

After a wait for a while, you will have about 5-15 minutes in the cave, of course, it’s not much time, but it’s enough to save some beautiful memories for your entire life. Furthermore, nowadays, we have the advantage of cameras in our phones, so you can capture your loving memories to share them with others in your friends and family circle.

As soon as you get out of the cave you probably would have some more time to troll on the island before you board onto the ship for another adventure. Yes, the blue cave tour packages contain multiple destinations, so you won’t only visit blue cave but more splendid destinations within the package of blue cave tour from Split.

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