Keep your passport in well travel condition

For travelers, passport safety is a major concern and no doubt a lost passport can be both incredibly inconvenient and scary. But it is also true that a damaged passport can cause as many issues when traveling. A passport with significant damage can no longer valid for travel. Many of the countries will refuse your entry in case of having a damaged passport. So taking precautionary measures to keep your passport safe from damage, ahead of time is a smart move.

Because of basic handling and consistent use, a certain amount of wear and tear is allowed for a passport. Worn down or dog-eared edges of the passport are common things you don’t need to worry about that. There are some countries where the final decision about the too damaged condition of the passport could make at the discretion of an immigration official at the border. There are some airlines also that refuse to allow you on board if you have a badly conditioned passport. Pages torn out, chewed by child or animal, unauthorized marking, pages coming loose, torn or loose cover, tear pages, frayed edges, water damage, and mildew from exposure to humidity are some significant damages to your passport.

Is there any way to keep a passport safe from being damaged?

Yes! There are some traditional ways to keep your paper identity safe from damage but Mr. Tolga Akcay has introduced a technological solution to help people with this issue of damaged passport. Exvisa is an innovative and highly protective solution to your passport and visa problems.

Exvisa is the digital visa and passport solution to this important document. Converting this paper identity into an online visa and passport facility to use for traveling is an amazing feature of Exvisa. Tolga Akcay has introduced the concept of electronic visa and passport to provide ease to the passengers from carrying documents everywhere with them. With this benefit for the passengers, Exvisa is an outstanding technique to protect illegal immigration via fraudulent documentation, a more protective barrier of international security to protect countries. This intelligent system provides effective parameters for the authorities to control any relocation, emigration, and immigration.

Tolga Akcay has introduced blockchain visa and passport technology to assure reliable protection to the sensitive information by using transparent blockchains. Any information is cryptonized before adding into any blockchain and this feature not only assures fool-proof security of information and data but with this it is easy for the immigration authorities to get access to the traveler’s information without any difficulty. Exvisa simply allows the traveler to travel without any concern of a damaged passport.

After knowing about Exvisa, it’s understood that no one is interested in knowing other ways to keep their passport safe from damage, but till the complete implementation of Exvisa technology you need to take care of your paper passport in following ways:

  • Use a quality passport holder or wallet to keep your passport safe rather than putting it in your pants.
  • Use a waterproof water holder to protect it from water damage.
  • Put your passport away from the reach of children and animals also.


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