One of the most famous shrines in the beautiful city of Hurghada is the Sand Museum, a famous Egyptian landmark. The museum is located in the south of Hurghada. The Sand Museum in Hurghada is the first museum of this type in North Africa and the Middle East in general. Not new.

– The Sand Museum in Hurghada is the first museum in the world where statues were sculpted using two types of sand – yellow sand and white sand.

– There are 42 statues in the museum, carved by 42 sculptors of different nationalities.

Journey within the Sand Museum:

– The journey begins within the Museum of sand walking around and see statues and sculptures and identify them and their makers and their history.

– We will find many sculptures and statues of figures loved by children and very happy to see them.


– The journey begins with the entrance to the historical museum’s pavilion, where there are many sculptures depicting Roman goddesses, sculptures of the pyramids and the Sphinx, and a change to the Sindbad. There is a statue of Napoleon Bonaparte.

– There is also a large painting carved by famous cartoon characters very popular for adults and young people such as Disney characters famous, and some characters of anime films such as partner and Nemo and lightning Gasoline and Sponge Bob and Tom and Jerry ..

– There are also carvings of courageous hero characters that everyone should like Batman’s wonderful character.

– There are also a number of paintings that embody some of the battles of the Roman gods and the historical conflict in the Pharaonic and Assyrian.

– In the museum there are some events, competitions and workshops for children to teach drawing and sculpture and some games suitable for children.

– If you feel hungry or thirsty, we will find a small cafe inside the museum grounds and enjoy refreshments, sweets, hot and cold drinks and snacks throughout the trip inside the museum.


– We recommend that you take a lot of memorial pictures beside statues and wonderful views so as not to forget this wonderful trip in all its details.

Ticket price to enter the sand museum in Hurghada:

– Ticket price for those over the age of 12 years: US $ 20.

– Ticket price for under 12 years old: US $ 10.

– Children under 3 years of age are free of charge.

Times of Sand Museum visits:

The museum is open to visitors from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Address of the Sand Museum in Hurghada:

Safaga Road – Next to San Rayes Hotel – Crystal Bay – Hurghada City.

The website of the Sand Museum in Hurghada:

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