Vacations for Beach Lovers

The beach is one of the most beautiful locations to escape to for your next getaway. Should you happen to live in a cold weather climate like the Midwest or the Northeast, one of the finest warm weather vacation destinations just a short flight away is Florida. This state is lined with beautiful coastal scenery all up and down the East and West coasts. For those who reside on the West Coast of the country, it is recommended to check out La Jolla, California for its natural scenery and majestic beachscapes. Should you be ready to make a real tropical getaway, book a scenic vacation to Maui.

La Jolla, California

This beachside town on the western coast of the United States is simply charming. It is nestled along the Southern California coast and famous for being so close to the bustling metropolitan San Diego. There is luxurious shopping, fine dining, street art and most importantly fine sand beaches. The coast is lined with cliffs and there is wildlife in these waters like seals.

Be well-forewarned, the waters on the western coast of the United States are notably chilly. You may want to take a stroll along where the waves meet the sand rather than jump right into the water for a swim. The coastal landscapes are best appreciated for their scenery rather than for water-oriented activities.


The island of Maui is one of the most beautiful locations in Hawai’i, let alone the entire world. This location is known for the quality of the sand on the beaches. While there are rocky terrain and coastal views on some parts of the island, still others boast the finest qualities of sand. There are even volcanic sand beaches that are lined with pitch black sands. Still other beaches are composed of fine white sand, each of these types of sand containing different components that contribute to their coloration.

Maui also has lush greenery right along the coastline, in large part because of the humidity that is present in the tropical air. The waters of this island are so warm for swimming and glow with a blue-green tint. The air in Maui is scented with an undeniable floral flavor that enchants the nostrils.

Florida Beaches

This is a locale world-famous for its party mentality and warm weather coast. The sand on the East Coast of Florida is warm and fine, perfect for lounging out for a good suntan session. In addition, the sea waters in Eastern Florida are comfortably warm for dipping your feet in or swimming. The waters get warmer the more South you travel and can comfortably accommodate any aquatic enthusiast. You will enjoy the ability to embark upon cruises from Florida, too. These special trips offer comfortable accommodations, all-you-can-eat buffets and trips to local special spots. You may be able to cruise to places like the Caribbean islands and the Grand Cayman islands from Florida.

The beach is by far the most relaxing way to get away from the stressors of daily life. A trip to the beach can make your whole year run by more smoothly. Some of the most lovely places to escape for a beach vacation include Florida, La Jolla, California and Maui. Each location offers its own special benefits – Florida is known for waters warm enough to play in. La Jolla, California is host to many luxurious events in the beach town, like fine dining and shopping. Maui is the home of enchanting nature with beaches made of soft multi-colored sands. All of these beaches are sure to delight and charm any and all visitors.


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