When Is the Best Time to Visit the Caribbean?

The Caribbean Islands are physically beautiful, and full of luxury resorts on exotic beaches stuck between breathtaking turquoise waters producing lush green jungles. Visitors will enjoy many water-based activities while absorbing the energy of the bright sunlight. So, the natural question is what factors make for the best time to go to the Caribbean?

Always Factor In The Weather

Having fun in the Caribbean is almost impossible if the weather is bad. The conditions really depend on which island you want to visit. There are over 3,000 of them within 26 countries, all with different types of weather patterns. Generally, the dry season for all islands is from June to September. However, always keep in mind that the temperatures rarely rise above 90° throughout the year. Another factor to always consider is the hurricane season. Visiting during this season is a pretty scary feeling, only if you do not know the frequency of the hurricanes which increases between June and September. The peak of the hurricane season is mid-September. One benefit of visiting during this season is that the prices for all amenities will significantly drop because the beaches are essentially deserted. Most northern islands sit on the hurricane path, so stay aware of that fact when booking trips to Puerto Rico, the Caymans, Bahamas, Antigua, and Nevis. Aside from the hurricanes, always factor in the rain. There are some islands that rarely experience hurricanes but might have torrential downpours. For instance, the wettest island is Dominica which experiences over 300 inches of rain per year. Barbados and Aruba are outside the storm zones.

When Is The Best Time To Visit Price-Wise?

The answer really depends on which island you are visiting. Islands that have a high amount of tourism will obviously cost more to enjoy than more exclusive islands that are tucked away, and unknown. Regardless, the majority of Caribbean islands experiences a high season around December-April, and of course this is when prices increase by at least 40%. Anytime around New Year’s brings in the big bucks because many people visit to see firework shows and party at nightclubs. Spring Break typically attracts college students from all over the world who come to have fun before going back to school. They essentially ‘make it rain’ during their vacations, therefore this motivates vendors to increase prices. Around Christmas means an increase in prices as well. Any type of large festival like Carnival, which is a favorite pastime that happens around February throughout the Caribbean, attracts people from across the world and motivating vendors to increase prices on all fronts. Masquerades fill the streets as part of the parades during that whole week. Keep in mind to book hotels, event centers, clubs, and private tours ahead of time because many people are rushing to get a reservation before the carnival starts.

When Is The Best Time To Go?

The best time to visit the Caribbean is between April-May and before early December. The weather is perfect, the prices are low, and the crowds are at a minimum. Enjoy your Caribbean vacation!

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