Travel to the Land of Your Ancestors

How would you like to travel to the land of your ancestors? Did you know that traveling to see family is actually one of the most common reasons people travel. According to an genealogy travel article, people are not just traveling to see family but also traveling to visit those areas that once had family. Ancestry travel (also know as genealogy travel and family tree travel) is when you travel to the land of your ancestors in order to discover hidden family history or just to learn where your roots came from. Another article explains that there are many ways to go about finding your ancestors. Some of those techniques you might be able to use include locating the original death certificate and researching city directories. If your ancestors were farmers before 1800 than you will need to locate building archives or courthouses for hand-written notes of sale. Discovering your ancestry can open up all kinds of hidden gems. If you are looking for something fresh and different to do than you might consider looking up your ancestry and see how it feels to be stepping into the unknown and mysteries of where you originated. With today’s advancements in DNA testing almost anyone at any time can trace their genetic ancestry. All that is standing in your way of finding out who your ancestors were¬† is a bit of your saliva.

Discover what your 23 pairs of chromosomes say about you when you order your DNA test from 23AndMe today. At 23AndMe all you need is to provide small sample of saliva and you will get your DNA test results mailed back to you. Find out what may be hidden in your families past or reveal the mysteries that could lead back to you when you order your DNA test and with their partnership with Groupon Coupons you can save some money too. Your DNA will be analyzed in a certified US laboratory that uses state of the art genotype testing to discover what is hidden in your DNA. Find your long lost cousins with 23AndMe through pain-free DNA testing.

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