Riyadh is a dream destination for many travelers. Known as the heart of Saudi Arabia since it is its capital, it is the financial and administrative hub of the country, making it a modern and busy city to satisfy a curious traveler. There is so much to do in Riyadh, from good food, shopping malls, world class golf, dune bashing, and the phenomenal kingdom center. A good time to visit the city is during the winter since it experiences a hot desert climate. Visiting between November and March means you get to enjoy a cool environment when compared with the hot months during the summer season.

But, every time is a good time to visit Riyadh. You can book رحلات طيران من جدة الى الرياض any time of the year and explore the desert dunes that surround the city with the climate being the least of your worries. Check out the things you need to know about Riyadh.

Paying for goods and services

A flexible way to pay for goods or services in Riyadh is by using Saudi Arabia’s national currency. There are banks, ATMs, and private exchange offices around the city that offer currency exchange services to international travelers. You can find an ATM near financial institutions everywhere in all the big shopping centers.

Getting around the city

Riyadh has local buses, cabs, and limousines that can help you get around the city. The minibus system is the cheapest way to move around with fares as low as SR3, but they may be confusing for the first time since they don’t usually have posted stops. You can find official white taxis in the city with fares ranging from SR5 to SR30. You can also rent a car to help you move around the city but note that Saudi Arabia permits only men to drive.

Where to stay

The Olaya district situated in the city center plays host to أفضل فنادق وأماكن إقامة في الرياض. It is the main shopping area with all kinds of hotels and multiple restaurants that do international cuisines. Other popular neighborhoods to stay in while in Riyadh include Al-Bathaa, Al-Murabba, and Sulaimaniya.

Behavior around the city

If it is your first time in the city, it is crucial to mind specific behavior aspects. Wearing provocative clothes will have the residents interpret you negatively. It is also advisable to avoid a public show of affection or sentiments. Even if you are a married couple, it is best to avoid hand in hand walking when in the city.

Also, avoid discussing subjects that touch on religion, politics, and women’s rights. You can greet men with a handshake but only say hello to women with permission.

Alcohol and drugs

Trafficking drugs is one of the serious crimes in the city. Note that alcohol consumption is only permitted in specific establishments, and some restaurants do not even offer a wine list. Being drunk in public is a serious offense as the locals have a strict perception and attitude to alcohol. If you are on regular drug treatment, take the time to learn all the country’s drug requirements in advance.

The final words

Riyadh is a great city that offers travelers exciting experiences. Many local shops do not have a regular working schedule, and most of them usually take short or extended lunch breaks. All the city establishments go off on Fridays, with Thursday being a shortened working day. You can bargain prices in shops and remember to tip.


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