The Best Tour Guide to Ecuador

Ecuador – a tiny country in the South America has a lot to attract everyone towards its land and shore. The country features a great amount of bio-diversity and has become a center of attraction for its diverse natural beauty and warm hospitality. People who come to Ecuador generally plunge into cruise services around the Galapagos Islands. However, the country has a pristine mainland that holds every traveler who comes here once.Travelers who love history and dig from the past will simply love the city of Quito which has a remarkable past. What could be other interesting way to witness the finest colonial impressions and architecture? In addition, shoppers can find their ultimate place at a nearby Otavalo market wherein they can discover various indigenous items for sale. Adventurous souls can actually discover hiking pleasures at Cotopaxi National Park, a few kilometers drive from Quito, the ancient city. You can also enjoy your exploration into the east of the Amazon region and hobnob with the perfect setting of rainforest tours, cruises, wildlife tours, comfortable jungle ecolodges etc.


In Ecuador, you can find the Andes range which runs through the middle of the country. The highest peak is measured at 6,000m (19,685ft). The country has numerous volcanoes, half of them are active.


Being a wet area, the Oriente is enveloped by thick jungle and a string channel of rivers, all of them carry water from the Andes into the Amazon River. Oriente is one of the more fertile and bio-diverse area of Ecuador.Galapagos Islands:

A mesmerizing island, Galapagos Islands is full of unique creatures that all travelers will simply love and adore. The group of islands has become a new travel destination for all adventurous people.

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