How to Have Fun Traveling in Small Groups

Traveling with a small group can be much more fun than traveling alone. There is a chance to meet new people and enjoy their company while learning new things. Here are a few tips on how to have fun while traveling in small groups. Learn a few fantastic jokes that can be told in mixed company. It usually does not take much to get a group sharing jokes and funny stories. Laughter adds to most experiences and helps people to get to know each other.Take along an assorted mix of music and movies that can be played at different times in the bus or in the evenings. Sometimes, people listening to music will start singing and enjoying the moment. Movies also break down barriers, particularly when discussing them.

Pack light, so that you can move about freely between the bus and accommodation places. Ideally, one small to medium bag as luggage. A small bag with your day’s needs can be taken on the bus. Include only those items needed during the day, like snacks, water, maps, camera, etc. Take your camera with a spare charged battery and storage card with you at all times to capture the memories that you can share when you return home. Be mindful of places/sites that ban photography. Take a compact binocular to help discover those places of interest, birds and animals that are a little further away.Take all your personal requirements, like medication and travel documents in a safe way so that you can access them when needed. This includes all tickets, itineraries, vouchers, passports and any paperwork that you might need. Keep a list of all medications with you, in case you need new supplies. For those who wear prescription glasses, take a spare pair should one pair of glasses become damaged in some way.Pack any “comfort” items that make your time away from home more pleasant. Items like a small pillow, ear plugs, and an eye mask to help you sleep. Take a thin blanket or light coat when traveling on public transport, as sometimes the air-conditioning is quite cold. Many hotels have swimming pools. Take your swimming attire to enjoy the amenities that are on offer.

Remember to pack the important things – but keep it light so that transfers are more manageable. Above all bring your sense of humour and your smile. A happy, smiling traveller will enjoy their travel much more. Local people will respond to smiles – they are contagious.

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