Knowing the ins and outs of traveling with marijuana can mean the difference between a dream vacation and a nightmare. Whether you’re attempting to figure out the murky marijuana regulations of interstate travel or setting out on a hazy journey to a state where adult-use cannabis is legal, you must research beforehand.

The best way to know whether you’ll be vaping on a bus, flying with edibles, or operating a motor vehicle while high is to research your destination. Even marijuana tourists who travel to places with well-established medical or adult-use (sometimes known as “recreational”) markets might have a disappointing trip if they make an ill-informed choice.

All aspects of your vacation itinerary will influence your approach to traveling with CBD. You must consider where you are going, where you will stay, and how you will get there.

Your travel destination

A crucial thing to know is whether marijuana is legal in the state you’re traveling to, regardless of whether you’re flying, riding a train, or driving. This applies to the legal status of both medical marijuana and cannabidiol generated from hemp and marijuana used recreationally (CBD).

For instance, some states’ marijuana laws permit out-of-state medical marijuana patients to acquire temporary licenses to buy from dispensaries, while others do not.

Remember that although smoking marijuana in public is generally prohibited in adult-use jurisdictions, it could be challenging to find a hotel or vacation rental that allows it. If possible, you should consider reserving a hotel or rental home that allows marijuana use.

Purchase restrictions

Please pay attention to cannabis possession and purchase restrictions because they differ from state to state, even in jurisdictions where adult use is legal. Check the requirements for each county along your trip, as certain legal states’ counties and municipalities may have stricter rules than others.

You can use this to determine where you can legally purchase cannabis and whether you can lawfully possess or consume it. For instance, you can use a weed delivery San Pedro, but you cannot exceed the stipulated amount of weed products for a single purchase.

Don’t assume that another state will provide you with a temporary medical marijuana license because the rules vary from state to state. It is allowed to purchase medical marijuana products while traveling in some states if the patient has a current out-of-state medical marijuana card.

On the contrary, some states do not currently have a reciprocity law to accept out-of-state medical marijuana patients. Therefore only citizens of the state are permitted to acquire medicinal marijuana.

Even if a state grants reciprocity to patients from other states, this does not allow travelers unrestricted access to traverse state lines with medicinal cannabis obtained legally. Medical marijuana users still risk being in a dangerous scenario in an area under federal control, such as at an airport or the state borders, because the federal government still classifies cannabis as a Schedule I substance.


Take your time to find out about marijuana laws in your destination country to prepare accordingly.

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