Oman: ideal holiday spot for family trips

Oman is the ideal holiday spot to get away from the hectic business life, to relax and to do nothing else but to breathe the air of peace and quiet. Excellent first class hotel accommodation and fine traditional Arabian and international cuisine add to the comfort and well-being of Oman’s guests. The Sultanate’s outstanding natural tourism product beckons individual tourists and families alike and invites visitors for wadi and dune bashing, visiting forts and other places of interest, camping, camel trekking, desert crossing, cave exploration, mountaineering and more.

And you would certainly not want to miss the desert, spending a night in a bedouin tent, looking into the star-studded sky and listening to the “noise of silence”. Experience authentic Oman with its natural beauty, its ancient culture, heritage and tradition and let us set up a tailor-made program for you. Together with our well-known and reliable partners and service providers we plan every Oman trip or excursion with care and attention to detail, to provide a quality service and to meet your high expectations.

Some of the finest beaches in Oman are within a short drive from the capital area. The road from Muscat is narrow and winds between houses before it leads up and away over the hills to Yitti. The journey through the mountains is part of the pleasure of the trip as layer upon layer of rugged mountains unfold. Before getting to Yitti beach there is a drive around a mud-flat area, which becomes a lagoon at hide tide. The beach has a long, open bay with many sea birds in search for their next meal. There is a rock here, Jabal Shaik Sam’un, which is historically important to the people of Yitti and has a local story attached to it.

The road continues on and around a corner one gets an unexpected view-the calm green waters and mangroves of the lagoons of Bandar Khayran with the mountains meeting the sea – a truly spectacular sight. The mangroves are home to much birdlife, crabs and tiny fish and are the beginning of a network of fjords that cut into the hills hiding tiny coves.

After Bandar Khayran the road winds through valleys and across mountains to Seefa. At times it is steep and has some sharp bends. Seefa beach itself is a wide expanse of white sand and it is ideal for beachcombing and watching birds. The turquoise waters and the contrast of coast and mountains make the area particularly attractive.

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