Frequently Asked Questions for Inflatable SUP Electric Pumps  

Sea surfing is one of the famous pastime sports in the United States of America. And, that’s the reason why stand-up paddleboard is in massive demand among the residents. However, a big problem arises when buying the right sup pump that won’t affect your surfing. Numerous options are available to buy, but which is the best high pressure air pump for your sup?

Well, there are some quick and common frequently asked questions related to inflatable sup electric pumps.

What time does the sup pump take to inflate your SUP?

The time required to inflate your sup plays a vital role in selecting the right pump. Different inflators take different times to fill up your sup and make it surfing ready. The entire time depends upon the model and size of the paddleboard. Commonly it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to inflate a normal-sized paddleboard fully. However, the time can increase for bigger SUP boards. Remember, the time mentioned is only possible if you are using electric pumps. For manual pumps, the time isn’t fixed as it entirely depends upon manpower.

Does the pump have over-inflated sensors?

If you are looking for a low budget sup pump, you can skip this feature. However, for high-end owners, investing in advanced pumps is a must. You must check whether the inflator has auto switch-off sensors? Sensors help the pump to stop inflating once a specific PSI unit has reached. This will help your sup from overinflating and protect it from damage.

This is a major safety pointer that you must keep in mind and choose the right sup pump to enhance your paddle board’s lifespan.

What’s the maximum PSI pump can inflate?

As mentioned earlier, bigger paddleboards require more air compared to standard-sized boards. Hence, you do need the same capacity pump as well. Standard PSI required in stand-up paddleboards is 21 PSI. Interestingly most electric pumps can easily fulfill this requirement. However, it entirely depends upon which brand you are selecting and what price you are paying for it.

Outdoormaster is a perfect brand to choose the electric pump for your sup. It gives you high-end features enlisted with the assurance to serve you for years. The company provides you with a wide range of outdoor accessories (apart from pumps) that you can add to your adventure outing and enjoy every single moment.

Does your pump deflate the sup?

Yes, many electric pumps can deflate the sup as well. Sup deflation is also a time-consuming process where you need to wait till the entire air is blown off. An electric pump can omit that waiting period and deflate the pump quickly. However, not mid-range sup pumps encompass this feature. You need to go for the high-end pump to get this feature.

Most of the pumps are also available with an inbuilt pressure gauge, which helps you keep track of pressure added to your sup. So, if you are a newbie sup owner, these FAQs will definitely help you find the right pump and make you surfing ready.

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