Tips for North Indians to Adjust in Bangalore

Bangalore, commonly known as the Indian Silicon Valley, is a beautiful metropolitan in southern India. Be it its weather, people, culture or tourist attractions; all offer a warm welcome to the new residents in the city. It is true that it will take you some time to adjust, but who does not have to adjust to a new city? Hence, you just can’t take this into account. Instead, start preparing well, and you will get accustomed to Bangalore city sooner.


So before you go for your Delhi to Bangalore Flight ticket booking, here are few easy tips that can help the North Indian in you to adjust well in Bangalore. Read ahead and keep these tips in mind.

Problems with Food Choices

The first and major problem is all about food. It is a basic comfort factor whose absence will make everything else, even good things, look bad. Hence, try to discover the places where you can find food that you already like, and the places where you can find authentic north Indian foods as well. There are many places to eat in every area now suiting all pockets; it’s just a matter of exploring.

Higher Cost of living

It is better to be aware of the highly priced apartments for sale or rent so that you can adjust your budget beforehand. If you want to stay there in rented flat, then you must deposit the rent of 6 months which is not a small amount. If you want to buy your own, then it is not too cheap as well. So, keep your financial stability in mind before making any decision.

Respect Local Customs

When you are moving to any new place, it is important to keep an open mind about local customs, practices, language, and show respect for these things. It’s not just for Bangalore, but any city across the world. If possible, learn local language slowly. That will help you adapt better to Bangalore.

Transportation Problem

Auto Rickshaw drivers are not very friendly especially if you cannot speak the local language. In most cases, if they know you are not a local person, they will be all set to rip you off your cash. Therefore, learn to bargain thoroughly. Don’t settle easily for high prices. Preferably take a bus/MRTS when possible to save your bucks.

Fraudster Issues

Don’t listen to people who tell you auto drivers will cheat you if you don’t know Kannada. They’ll cheat you anyway if you look clueless. Find out the distance and asking rate for that destination, and then drive a hard bargain before you get in. Some auto services are charging according to the meter. Try using them if possible. You can also use the internet to gather information about the local areas and transportation to be an aware citizen.

Community Building

There are places where North Indians live here in Bangalore, and they will tell you how friendly and comfortable Bangalore is, to suit all budgets. ‘Paying guest accommodation’ also is available. However, it is all time better to catch hold of some like-minded friends and engage a house on rental/lease basis, preferably near your place of study or work to avoid wastage of time and money.

It is a fact that no place is better than your birthplace, but we must relocate ourselves to complete some chapters of our lives. So, don’t worry buddy, if you have done with your Delhi to Bangalore Flight ticket booking, take a chill pill and wait for some for awesome moments you are going to face in the pretty city of Bangalore.



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