WiFi Road Trip

Summertime is in full swing (well, as full as it can be considering the circumstances) and I don’t know about you, but I’m itching with the travel bug. Especially now, after months of being cooped up, my mind is racing with creative ways to get movin’ and groovin’ (safely of course)!

With the prospect of flying being nearly out of the picture for me until things settle down, I recently got to thinking about a good old fashioned road trip. I haven’t embarked on one since a two week drive across the country from New York to California with my family many years ago. But considering the extra time and total lack of international travel options, it felt like this summer might be the perfect time to bring back the beauty of The Classic Road Trip.

So I got to planning. I started choosing socially distant destinations in my head, mapping out the best burger pit stops along the way, and researching the logistics of where to stay, when I started thinking about what made a “classic road trip” feel so good when you were a kid. And I realized: I don’t really remember the destinations as much as I remember the hours spent in the car getting there and all of the activities that we came up with to pass the time. And the car games that we created! Oh, the car games… There were so many. There was “The License Plate Game” – a race to see who could spot license plates from every state the fastest. There was “The Punchbug Game” – a game where every time you saw a VW bug, you had full permission to punch the person next to you in the leg (My brother loved that one). There was “The Truck Game” – a race to see who could get more semi-trucks to honk their massive horns and subsequently scare the living daylights out of our parents. The list goes on…

But with all of this car game nostalgia came the next question: would kids these days even bother with stuff like that? And the answer is certainly a resounding “no”. They have phones to play with, tablets to game on, and bluetooth headphones to tune in with. And if kids aren’t partaking in “The License Plate Game” anymore, adults probably aren’t either. So the question remained: if I took a good old fashioned road trip, how would I pass the time in the passenger seat? Spoiler: all of my activities required WiFi.

I got to searching and stumbled across a bunch of different options that could turn my car into a wireless entertainment system, but this bad boy really caught my eye. Maybe it’s the sleek shape? Maybe it’s the fun color? Maybe it’s the fact that you can connect up to ten devices to your portable network (a fact that quickly turned the fantasy of me in the passenger seat, wind in my hair, simultaneously working on a laptop, swiping on my phone, and streaming a podcast into a totally plausible reality). Whatever the reason, Skyroam Solis X felt like a new road trip must-have.

Because when it comes to trekking across the country, I’m all about the nostalgia of resurrecting a good old car game or two, but let’s be real: we all have emails to answer, podcasts to stream, and content to download. And, I mean, what’s a road trip without a rest stop viewing of The Office streaming from your own blissful, uninterrupted WiFi hotspot?

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