Budget-Friendly Vacations in Jacksonville, Florida

Enjoying a fun and relaxing vacation in the bustling city of Jacksonville in Florida can be experienced even when following a small budget.

Blessed with a grand location that is along the Atlantic coast in the northeastern area of Florida, Jacksonville is a perfect go-to city for tourists. It is considered as the largest city in the whole United States in terms of land area since its metropolitan area extends to the Clay, Baker, St. Johns and Nassau counties.

Improvements of its harbor during the 19th century have made the city a major civilian and military deep-water port. It is home to the Port of Jacksonville which is the third largest in the state and 2 U.S. Navy bases. This also helped in its development not only in economically, but also in terms of tourist influx.

The bustling and vibrant city is home to over a million residents, which is more or less the same with its neighbor, Miami, making it the most populous in the whole state. It offers a lot of natural and man-made attractions like scenic golf courses as well as historical landmarks that had played witnesses to its continuous growth and development. Most of these can be enjoyed for reasonable rates.

City Highlight

Tourism is a major industry of the city and this is why there are a lot of hotels and other urban amenities are set within its boundaries.  It is very friendly to tourists and allows them to enjoy numerous attractions in exchange for very reasonable rates and fees.

Top Places to Visit while in Jacksonville

There are several cool places in the city that can be enjoyed the budget-friendly way. These include the following:

  • Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens – A 73-acre park ideal for children and adults who want to view wildlife. The zoo also offers activities for children to enjoy.
  • Angie’s Subs – A funky restaurant that offers cheap yet good food along the beach.
  • Atlantic Beach – Perfect for those who enjoy long stretches of sand, free parking and a not-so-crowded area.
  • Jacksonville Landing – Good place with views of the river, shops and restaurants.
  • University of North Florida National Recreational Trails –walking and jogging paths that crisscross over a beautiful nature preserve. Plays host to organized walking tours.
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra – Home to talented musicians who play a wide variety of music. The place can be enjoyed for reasonable rates and students with valid IDs can get in for less than 5 dollars.
  • Veterans Memorial Wall – A beautifully-built memorial of war veterans close from a baseball field and a football stadium.
  • Dave and Busters – Good food and fun casino games under one roof.
  • St. John’s Town Center – A lifestyle outdoor mall with several dining, shopping and entertainment options. Considered as a premier destination in the city with over 10 million visitors annually.

Where to Stay In Jacksonville

For budget travellers who want to stay in comfortable accommodations, it is highly recommended to book in advance to get good rooms and great big savings. Though there are a lot of hotels and other forms of accommodations in the city, these can be filled up right away especially the cheap ones during peak seasons.  Book your hotel room with Reservations.com and save on your Jacksonville stay. They offer personalized travel planning and help you to find hotels to fit any budget

Hotels that come with 2-star ratings are among the best choices for lodging. Most come with standard hotel amenities and services that can be enjoyed in exchange for very reasonable rates. Examples include Jacksonville Plaza Hotel and Suites, Hospitality Inn, Red Roof Inn Jacksonville – Orange Park and Red Roof Inn-South Point where room rates range from 30 – 50 dollars a night.

Tourists can also try out the Navy Lodge Jacksonville which is a specialty hotel located within the Naval Air Station and the hotels that stand a block or two from the beach. There are also many B&Bs, motels and even RV truck lodging perfect for budget-conscious tourists.

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